golden SoFlat mat acrylics

golden SoFlat mat acrylics の アクリル絵具 |日本人

To brush out smooth, saturated color that dries to an even, glare-free surface, you need a paint that is more than just matte. It should have better coverage and more leveling properties. That combination of qualities makes SoFlat unique.

•  Distinct palette of 40 colors, available in 2, 4 and 16 oz. jars
•  Two - six by 2 oz. color sets available
•  Smooth, viscous fluid consistency
•  Most colors are opaque in one or two coats
•  100% acrylic and compatible with other GOLDEN paints and mediums

Coming from GOLDEN, SoFlat has the quality and consistency professionals demand. SoFlat was formulated to make it easier for artists to create uniform fields of rich matte color in fewer layers than our other color lines. SoFlat artwork is easier to photograph and looks fantastic online.


golden SoFlat mat acrylics |日本人