OILSTICKS is an oil painting medium made by hand from the BEST PIGMENTS as well as NATURAL WAXES in Montréal by KAMA PIGMENTS


A new medium for painting & drawing

KAMAPIGMENTS OILSTICK is a revolutionary medium which opens up new possibilities of expression for the artist.

These sticks have to be considered as an artist’s oil color in stick form, which allows both drawing and painting in a new fashion because of its formulation which differs from oil pastels or traditional crayons. With OILSTICK, nothing stands in between the artist and his canvas, not even a brush. This new working technique allows the artist to create paintings and drawings in a manner both free and dynamic since the OILSTICK brings flexibility to the painting process thus allowing the artist to apply his colors to the canvas as easily as if he was drawing.

These OILSTICKS offer the artist a color with the brightness and deepness of oil paints combined with the ease of manipulation of pastels and charcoal.




How to use it ...

Before using an OILSTICK, simply tear off the paint skin that has formed on the surface of the stick. Then you can work as if it was a fresh oil color ready to be used.

They can be used with ANY type of oil painting mediums as long as the “FAT OVER LEAN” rule is respected. Some mediums such as dammar or Alkyd can greatly speed up their drying time without the inconvenience of siccatives. (See our medium section).

Painting structure

It is also possible to mix traditional oil paint or the new artist’s alkyd paints with an OILSTICK As long as the STRUCTURE of the painting is respected. In other words, one should not allow the creation of dissimilar paint structure in between the different areas of the painting: for example, one should avoid having part of the painting be painted exclusively with oil paint, another with the OILSTICKS and another part with a mix or the two. The goal is to establish an even structure on the totality of the painting.

We also recommend you to use the SAME MEDIUM on the TOTALITY of the painting whether you are just using the sticks alone or in conjunction with other compatible paints.




Oilsticks can be worked on those surfaces :

Always remember to protect the fibres of the support you are using as oilsticks is an oil painting technique and that the oil that binds the pigment has an acid PH that will eventually deteriorate the fibres



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